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New Navy Seals Shots
The Quake III project, Navy Seals has twelve new level shots to show you today. The new screens are of a mountain hideout for the Operation Rattlesnake campaign. New user submitted art for Navy Seals has been posted for your enjoyment as well.

Tread to Support Urban Terror
With a bit of help from John "Bot Killer" Moses of Silicon Ice, the Tread 3D editor will have Urban Terror for Quake III support with a new, upcoming GDF2 file. More Daikatana support is on the way for Tread following new info supplied by John Romero.

Maps and Skins and More
Bane Forge has a lot of Quake III treats for you today. The final versions for MJDM1 and MJCTF1 have been released and are available seperately or as a pack. That's one DM and one CTF level for Quake III in one scoop. The skins for the Conni custom model have gotten some attention as well with a facelift for Soul Catcher and a peek at the next skin pack. A review is up for the Doom Plasma Rifle model for a classic touch in Quake III. That's a pretty good little trip right there, so hit Bane Forge today.

Quake 3 Menu v1.05
Alot of people seem to have liked the last version of Quake 3 Menu, so the new v1.05 should go over well. This easy to use in-game bind menu has gone through some bug fixes and added more servers, an advanced config setting and support for the latest version of FlipCom.

New Q3A Log Analyser
Quake III Arena News | 7/15/2000 | 16:26 PST - Pappy-R
Yup, another Quake III log analyser has hits the streets, and the newest is called JLogAn. Features for JLogAn include:

Shug's New Batch
Shug's Crib O'Wunda for level reviews has four recent Quake III reviews and a new "Readers Top 5". The way levels for all three Quakes are done at Shug's is that no level is reviewed that would not come out favourably. No real score is given, but all that you find are top notch and playable till your hands ache. Drop by and say hi to the gang at Shug's, they're a new site here at the "big fuzzy".

Coliseum 2 Self Installer Plus
The Coliseum 2 Mod for Quake III now has a new way to install the Mod. Available now as a self installing executable that has options for a desktop shortcut, program listing and Mod Specific GameSpy Tab it couldn't be easier. This is not a new version release for the Mod, just some installation goodies and a good reason to try out Coliseum 2 if you haven't already.

Mod Centre Open
The Quake III Mod site formerly known as the "Mod Top Ten" has under gone some changes to the site and name. The new Mod Centre is now open and featuring new interviews and reviews. Interviews with the teams of the Urban Warfare and Crime Team have been added most recently with some exclusive shots along side the Urban Warfare piece. All your regular favourite features are still there in the new setup, so drop by the new Mod Centre for a look around.

Banshee Interview
Q3Xtreme.Net has an Interview with Banshee posted today that gets into his work in the Alliance team. Past present and future items make the grade in this one.

New Eternal Arena Release
Corven's Eternal Arena gets another update with the release of the new v2.2 today. The new version has new features, tweaks and changes to prove that Corven is listening to user input. Take a gander at what's new today:

LvL's First Auto Load
With LvL's Tigger-oN and Mandog being on vacation, we have the first "auto posting" going on at the LvL today. It seems to be working like a charm and here's the first list of Quake III levels for you to check out:

* The Lenghtned by Deathmonger (Space DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* Duel Twilight by Requiem (Space DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* Tourniquet by NiVeN (DM/Tourney 2-4 player)

New level postings should show up at LvL's every two days, and I'll keep you posted.

Lee's Mod Facelift
The Quake 2 Mod known simply as Lee's has had some work done to bring it to version 1.01. This single and multiplayer Mod that works with bots has had some major fixes and feature tweaks in this build that you should check out. Teamplay has been enhanced and even the bots handle it much better. Changes to the HUD and Mod GUI make it easier to get in the game and include more options. Check it all out at Lee's.

Integral Studios Gears Up
The new Integral Studios Poll is up and you should drop by to vote the maps into the finals. The winning map will set the mood for the next Integral Studios map pack. Reviews are available for the involved levels as well, if you need a little help voting. (Subliminal Message: You Love PQArena!)

Urban Terror Beta Date Set
The Quake III Mod that has many players drooling, Urban Terror, has set a date for the first public Beta release. Details and new pics are on the site, but I can tell you here that the date will be August 5th. Now go check out the Urban Terror site for more.

A Little Q3A Barbecue
The Fresh Team has another level released and this one's for some very fast Q3A DM. A small, good looking level called Moonlight Barbecue is the treat, and having just three players in makes for some frantic action.

Get Some Human Debris
The new site to get launched here at the "big fuzzy" is Human Debris, and they're a spot worth visiting for alot of cool stuff. Some new Quake III levels await you along with updates to the tutorials for making a "Sticky Grenades" and a "Jump 'n Gib" gun. New versions are also available for their Mods:

SOG's Rifle - All players have a high power rifle, with very low amount of ammunition. This is a game of skill where every shot counts. SOG's Rifle has new sounds and models. The modification works with all maps, bot's and all styles of Q3 game play.

Q3 Platform Game - This modification transforms Q3:Arena into an old style 2D platform game.

OSK - OSK stands for One Shot Kills. OSK contains 10 different version's of Instagib. The modification works with all maps, bots and all styles of Q3 game play.

Human Debris is like a shopping mall for Quake III goodies.

New Classic Conversions
BEQUAKE's Classic Map Arsenal has been updated to add HIPDM1 and Claustrophobopolis from Quake 1 lore to Quake III. Some classic DM in the new machine of the Arena.

FragAndFlag: Arena Updated
The Quake III server utility, FragAndFlag: Arena has been updated to support more Mods. Added to the list most recently is T.E.C. v2.0 beta 2a and CorkScrew v1.0. Check out the FragAndFlag: Arena for a full list.

Painkeep Arena Shots
QuakeFiles.com has a couple exclusive shots from Team Evolve's Painkeep Arena showing the exploding shotgun effect and a Bear Trap in one shot and a bot with blood trails in the second. More shots are posted at the Painkeep Arena page, but at the time of this post, the page was unaccessible. The QuakeFiles.com page is fine though.

Spankenstein's for Three
Spankenstein's Reliquary has three more Quake III levels posted for you to check out today. Spankenstein doesn't review maps, he leaves that to you and postes them for you to rate and make your favourites climb into the "Top Ten List". Here the three you can check out today:

Skinned Turkey
The Turkey Manor has the results to their Quake III Skinning Competition. Twelve skins were entered in the contest and three winners were chosen to reign in the areas of "Most Original", "Runner Up" and "Best Overall". Some awesome work came out of this contest, and a few very original ideas came to the surface.

Crank Up the Turbine
The Mean Arena has a taste of their UT to Q3A partial conversion project for you today. The Unreal Tournament level, DM-Turbine has been converted for Quake III as Turbine Arena and is available for download.

More Urban Terror Candy
The Urban Terror Mod for Quake III in the "realistic" vein has reached Alpha6 for closed testing and is getting closer to Beta 1 and a public release. There's some new screenshots on the site featuring a new level, Rommel and some game models. This Mod is coming along nicely, and I just can't wait to see the comments when it goes public.

Heros Keep Guide
Hellhound's Guide to Heros Keep or Q3DM9 is the latest in the level guides aimed to help you know the soft spots in the Quake III levels. This one has pics and tips for getting the uppper hand in those servers and was done by LuCiPh33R.