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New Maps coming soon


Donload my own map...


Download Quake3Arena demo

This is a great demo of Quake3 (48,908,140 bytes).


Download Oak3 Arena Bot

The Oak3 Arena Bot is being planned.


Download Q3Radiantv202

This is the famous creator of Quake 3 arena maps. (7.279 Kb)

Download Botboom10

This is a very good creator of bots (1,891 Kb)

Download gensurf19

If you don't have Gensurf in Q3Radiant, you can download it here!

This program is for surface. (346 Kb)

Download shadereditor10

This is a real good shader editor that lets you create new shaders and use it. (179 Kb)

Download bspcgui_inst

This is a very good program that creates .aas files for your map and this file lets you to play bots in your own map!!!

More downloads to come...