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Here you can download many versions of Quake 1 and a great Server of Quake.

You can download this files in a few minutes at 33.600Kbps!!!

(for more information go to

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New Versions

Download the Quake 1.06

The Quake v1.06 patch will upgrade any previous version of Quake to v1.06.

This download is about 203KB

Download the Quake 1.08

There is also a Quake v1.08 patch which will upgrade v1.06 to v1.08.

This download is about 206KB

Download the Quake 1.09 or WinQuake

WinQuake v1.00 allows you to play Quake natively under Windows '95, giving higher resolutions.

This download is about 337KB

Download GLQuake

GL Quake Size: 372K Version: 0.95
Quake for Open GL under Windows95 or Windows NT. - id Software

IMPORTANT: This Version needs Voodoo's grafics.

Download the Quake2000

This is the last version of the Quake.

You can't get it in another place in Internet now...

IMPORTANT: This Version needs Voodoo's grafics.

bullet.gif (97 bytes)Patches.

Download Qdisc135

Just like Xena's disk on TV. It will bounce around, cut people in half, and come back to you!

Download Axe of C

Any monster you hit will start following you around, and attacking your enemies for you. Neat little patch.

Download Chasecam

Instaed of looking in first person, this patch gives you a 3rd person view of you character. Adds grappling hook and other features.

Download Mage3

This patch changes all your weapons to spells (bug with super nail gun, don't use it) and adds many new spells of my own, such as: Heal, ManaBurn, Flash, Jump, Run, HolyWord, Invisibility, BloodLust, and A hell of a lot more.


Download Zeus205

This is my favorite bot, simple and effective. It's good enought to kill me, but not to win in overall frags. Perfect simulation of multiplayer.

Download Reaper Bot

(Version .81-Final)—The King of the Bots!

Download Quake Bot

(Version 1.01-Final)—Improved Reaper!

Download Omicrom Bot 

(Version 1.02-Final)—An excellent Bot!

Download ReaperFX Bot

(Version 3.0-Final)—Reaper Clone.

Download Gideon Bot

(Version .1b-Final)—Reaper Clone.

Download BGBot

(Version 2.0a-Final)—One of the first Bots.

Download Quake Plus

The Quake Plus MOD with the Reaper Bot is also good.

Download Minion+

Is also available as an update to the Minion chess game.

Download Chrono Monster

Is a Monster Bot MOD.

Download Rumble

Is a Monster MOD with the Zeus Bot.

Download Dragon

The Dragon is also a Monster Bot MOD.

Download Quake Bots from QuakeZone Files Area:

                                  332kb drkbot03.txt 115kb bgadm101.txt 240kb bgbot16.txt 360kb bgbot20a.txt 260kb bplayer2.txt 130kb bthnt10.txt 383kb btskn22.txt 498kb ctfbot11.txt 296kb darkbotx.txt 175kb dmbot1.txt 127kb iwbot21.txt 137kb mybot16.txt 251kb roambot1.txt 720kb sambot.txt 73kb sk_4reap.txt 146kb swbot104.txt 366kb tlgbot.txt 176kb tmbot11.txt 370kb vbot11.txt 15kb wisp.txt 354kb zeus2042.txt


Download Pk-reap

file to use the Reapers.

Download hipreap3

Hipnotic's Mission Pak for Quake (Retail) with the Reaper Bots is GREAT!

Download Omicron Bot and Rocket Arena.

The Omicron Bot can play Rocket Arena. This is simply a MUST HAVE modification!


Download the QuakeWorld Server v230

The QuakeWorld v2.30 Server pack is necessary if you want to run a QuakeWorld server.

This download is about 733KB


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(for more information go to

Download GameSpy 3D

Excelent program that find servers of games Quake, Quake2, Quake3 and Duke Nuken in all over the world.

This download is about 903KB